Our history


Collabo2Succeed is a UK Company Limited by Guarantee, a not-for profit organization which has been set up to work across TWO countries Nigeria, UK. This collaboration has been borne out of an arts project in Lagos, which encourages women into visual arts to nurture their artistic talent and experiences, events in life and to transfer these into visual art forms whether this is on canvas, through sculpture, ceramics, various forms of design, craftwork, printmaking.
This project is inclusive, and it welcomes ALL women who are interested to engage. Women DO NOT have to be experienced in arts, their creative talent is within them, and their artistry will evolve over the given period. Women will be given the opportunity whilst immersed in their artistry to participate in a Fast-track Introductions to Enterprise, if they wish to develop their own business or become self-employed. Their completed art works once completed will be showcased in an exhibition
Collabo2Succeed Limited was founded by BF Associates and SisterArts Global Visual Arts Foundation in 2022.


“We want to work with many more communities focusing on empowering women and children to nurture their artistic abilities and showcase their Artworks in established galleries across two cities. We will do this by working in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector, where existing relationships and partnerships can be harnessed to engage women in Visual Art workshops. Their finished artworks will be showcased in an Art exhibition where sales of works will go directly to the artists. The aim of this process is to assist women into Visual Arts to develop their socio economic independence and to inspire children to engage in Visual Art work culminating in a children’s art competition”.


  • To create cross cultural exchanges of women’s Artwork in exhibitions and events across Greater Manchester/Lagos
  • To enable participants to produce an end product, to sell in competitive markets
  • To create a long -lasting legacy
  • To continually bind the UK and Nigeria in cultural and creative fusion
  • To provide educational, training, work opportunities for women and to enable children to aspire into Visual Arts
  • To create cross cultural friendships ,collaboration, and also exchanges of artistic works amongst


The project will replicate an initiative established in Lagos, Nigeria, which has promoted and supported women into the visual Arts, as a means of developing their artistic talent demonstrating that they can be highly competitive in the Arts world especially alongside their male counterparts, who dominate the industry and have done so historically.

The Nigerian project was established by sisterArt Global Visual Arts Foundation, a Lagos based Company Limited by Guarantee, a not for profit organization, which has provided a promotional platform for women to showcase their Artistic talent.

Collabo2Succeed which is this the culmination of both Directors Otunba Nkang Ini Dan, Founder/ Director of sisterArt and Beverley Fletcher, Director of BF Associates, Business and Management Consultancy coming together at Nike Gallery in Lagos during a promotional event of sisterArt showcasing women’s art works. The recognition of both skills sets coming together to develop a women into visual arts project with supporting infrastructure to enable women social and economic independence joined these two Directors together, resultant in the exhibition in Lagos 2022  The Art Of Friendship An Exhibition At Orisun Art Gallery, Abuja + More | Arthouse – YouTube and the coming together and formation of Collabo2Succeed and its Members.


BF Associates Ltd based in Manchester, UK and provides business support for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and works with entrepreneurs, groups, SMEs to support them through the business planning process. This is often a daunting process for many business start-ups in this sector and many existing businesses. The business is set up on a critical path to continue successfully towards longer term sustainability being mindful of ever changing political, economic landscape and other ‘environmental forces’ continually impacting on their business activity.


sisterART Global Visual Arts Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) of Female Visual Artist from around the world. It is a subsidiary of Brotherart Productions. This organization was founded in 2018 with the aim of bringing together, celebrating, promoting and projecting women in the Visual Arts industries from around the world. It was also created to serve as a platform for networking, education, as well as provide bountiful opportunities for social, economic and cultural exchanges amongst members. The platform has provided opportunities for us to pay special attention on these Female Visual Artists, to discuss their challenges, and also proffer possible ways of finding practical, realistic and workable solutions to these challenges, therefore giving them more voice, better representations, local and international exposures, and most importantly, play a critical role of “being a part of positive societal change, as well as uniting continents using the Visual Arts.